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Your personal health app

Carry your health in your pocket wherever you go! KARDEA analyzes your vital data and personal preferences to provide you with individualized information for your daily life. In order to provide this, we work closely with nutrition experts, personal trainers and medical professionals in order to keep you healthy from every angle. 

You decide what you read

Choose from a variety of topics what you would like to read. Subscribe to your doctor’s channel to receive all of their important information. 

Bildschirm der App KARDEA, der eine Auswahl an Themen zeigt
Bildschirm der App KARDEA, der ein persönliches Profil und Möglichkeiten zur Dateneingabe zeigt

Read what you really need to read

Tell us about your personal preferences when it comes to nutrition, exercise and daily life. On this basis, KARDEA will select all articles and products important for you. 

Use your health tracker to best effect

Connect KARDEA to Apple Health or your health tracker, and let it analyze your vital data such as step count, heart rate or calorie needs. On this basis, we will provide you with personalized articles, products and exercise plans.  

Bildschirm der App KARDEA, der Auswertungen von Vitaldaten zeigt
Bildschirm der App KARDEA, der eine Auswahl von neuen Artikeln zeigt

Carry the solution in your pocket

You will find all your individually recommended solutions for ideal nutrition and health surveillance in your Health Feed. Let our professional partners help you to become and stay healthy. 

Your health is important to us

Your time is important – we know that. That’s why our health app makes it possible for you to access all information relevant to you in a fast and simple way. We take care of quality control and put everything together that you need to live out our recommendations. You concentrate on living your life – we’ll do the rest.


Trust KARDEA’s knowledge

All recommendations, articles and definitions have been checked and verified by our expert team of medical professionals, chemists and pharmacologists. 


Understand everything at first glance

Our content team simplifies complex studies and explains complicated expert terminology in a way you’ll understand straight away. 

Individualized knowledge

Read only what you need

With the help of our constantly developing algorithm, we make sure you aren’t distracted by unnecessary information. 

What our users say

The app is great! I can look after my health much more effectively, because the articles are easy to understand, nice and short!

Foto einer jungen Dame, die KARDEA nutzt
Paulina Henftling
Serious about nutrition

KARDEA is a great addition to my training. Now I know what I should be eating, how to stay fit and how to find the best products!

Foto eines jungen Mannes in Sportkleidung, der KARDEA nutzt
Tim Jastrzembski
Fitness fan

Thanks to KARDEA, I can stay up to date with my doctor. That makes everything so much easier.

Photo of a smiling woman who uses KARDEA
Ae-Shim Kang
Health to know

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