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The health platform of the future

KARDEA is the first health platform to provide everyone with valid, comprehensible and personalized information about their own health. To this end, we combine knowledge from all areas of the health system and thus lay the foundation for a healthier society.  

Darstellung aller Oberflächen der Gesundheitsplattform KARDEA: Smartwatch, Smartphone und Computer

The health platform for all

We translate complex data and complicated medical knowledge into accessible information for users.  In order to do this, we analyse personal health data from fitness apps and wearable health trackers, and combine them with the relevant expert knowledge. In this way, we connect users with doctors, nutritional advisors, personal trainers and other relevant participants in the health market.
Outline of KARDEA's function as health platform within the health market
Darstellung der Sammlung von Informationen

Collect and validate

We collect comprehensive knowledge on the topic of health, and validate its reliability and relevance. This enables KARDEA users to stop endless google searches whenever they have a question about their health, and to access valid information from a single source instead. 

Darstellung der Bereitstellung von Funktionen


With the help of our algorithm, we provide users with the knowledge they really need. KARDEA brings an end to generalized medical information and treats every single user as an individual. 

Darstellung der Erläuterung von Zusammenhängen


Our experts transform complex studies and complicated formulas into readily comprehensible information. Users can easily understand the complex context of their own health, and, for the first time, draw correct conclusions and act accordingly.

KARDEA for private users

Receive suggestions for articles, recipes, products and exercise plans based on your individual statistics. KARDEA analyzes your vital data such as step count, heart rate and calorie counts from Apple Health or your wearable health tracker. 

Darstellung eines iPhones und einer iWatch, die Bildschirme von der App KARDEA zeigen
Darstellung eines Computers, auf dem die KARDEA Software für Ärzte angezeigt wird

KARDEA for doctors

Improve your time management and offer your patients a completely new service. With KARDEA, you can decide yourself which information your patients receive. By means of targetted communication, you can improve treatment and aftercare as a whole. 

The incubation team

Our ‘incubation team’ consists of experienced business experts and established health experts. In addition, we are supported by the experience and network position of our company builder,  Argo Labs. 
Sascha Grumbach ist CEO von KARDEA

Sascha Grumbach

Foto von Boris Abazher

Boris Abazher

Stefan Soellner ist COO von KARDEA.

Stefan Soellner

Foto von Freya Busse

Freya Mi Ju Busse



Our international board of experts is supporting us whilst we develop our platform and roll it out worldwide. 
Foto von Stefan Beiten

Stefan Beiten

Managing Partner Argo Ventures
Foto von Dr. Guido Axmann

Guido Axmann Ph.D.

CEO Medicinisto